Body language signs that someone envies you

Have you ever been friends with someone or are friends with that person now or even DATING ONE, when you have something good happening in your life, that person gets a weird vibe going on and you can't really tell what they are thinking? Or maybe they try to 'bring you back to reality' or make you feel like whatever is happening is not a big deal at all, or maybe they later call you arrogant or entitled or even not modest enough? WHY THE HELL SHOULD YOU BE MODEST and downplay your success in the modern world???? When we do that, people respect us less and see our value less. Not to say that we should BRAG ...know your worth basically as the people above are just envious. Here are some signs ( also if you want to read people like a book Join the BAD BITCH CLUB here  or the MANIFESTING club here  so you are spiritually protected and can send negative energy. back plus manifest the RIGHT people and opportunities and not envious trash) 


Signs someone is envious


  1. Subtle Glances or Stares: Envious individuals may covertly glance at or stare at the person they envy when they think no one is watching. These glances may be fleeting and accompanied by a quick shift in gaze when noticed.

  2. Forced Smiles or Feigned Interest: When interacting with you, someone who envies you may offer smiles or expressions of interest that appear forced or insincere. Their smiles may not reach their eyes, and their body language may convey tension or discomfort.

  3. Minimal Engagement or Withdrawal: Envious individuals may withdraw from conversations or social interactions involving you. They may avoid making eye contact, contribute minimally to the conversation, or physically distance themselves from you.

  4. Negative Body Language Cues: Envy may be expressed through subtle body language cues such as crossed arms, tense posture, or fidgeting. These behaviors can indicate discomfort or defensiveness in the presence of the person they envy.

  5. Backhanded Compliments or Undermining Behavior: Envious individuals may offer compliments that contain subtle digs or criticisms disguised as praise. They may also engage in behaviors aimed at undermining your achievements or success, such as downplaying your accomplishments or highlighting their own achievements in comparison.

  6. Excessive Competitiveness: Envy can manifest as heightened competitiveness or a desire to outshine or surpass you. This may be evident in conversations where they constantly one-up your achievements or accomplishments.

  7. Gossip or Rumor-Spreading: Envious individuals may engage in gossip or spread rumors about you in an attempt to undermine your reputation or tarnish your image. They may also express jealousy or resentment towards you to others in your social circle.

  8. Trying to make you more humble 

It's important to note that these cues may not definitively indicate envy on their own and should be interpreted in the context of the individual's overall behavior and relationship dynamics. 

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