How to get your ex back if they are angry

THE WORST mistake you can do and i know its so difficult not to, is when someone breaks up with you, start bombarding them with messages and tears and drama attached to it. DO NOT DO IT IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU WANT THE BACK.


Do 'Freeze my emotions' spells found either in the beginner manifestation or advanced, do some runes that will calm you down , do some rituals to lose interest for the time being, start doing some attraction spells etc, but DO NOT talk to them.


Lets talk about the NO CONTACT rule if your ex is mad at you or you messed up and they dumped you


Despite the challenges, implementing the no contact rule can have several benefits:

  1. Breaks the Cycle of Conflict: By refraining from engaging with your ex, you avoid escalating arguments and fueling their anger. Instead, you create a space for both parties to cool off and gain perspective.

  2. Protects Your Emotional Well-Being: Constant exposure to your ex's anger can take a toll on your emotional health. The no contact rule allows you to prioritize your well-being and focus on self-care without being subjected to toxic interactions.

  3. Promotes Personal Growth: During the period of no contact, you have the opportunity to reflect on the relationship, learn from past mistakes, and focus on personal growth. This self-reflection is essential for building resilience and moving forward with clarity and intention.

  4. Encourages Respectful Communication: By establishing boundaries and respecting the no contact rule, you send a clear message to your ex that you will not tolerate abusive or disrespectful behavior. This sets the foundation for healthier communication if reconciliation is ever pursued in the future.

  5. TRUST ME, if you simple disappear, they WILL come to you sooner then later. If you have royally messed up , or they simply have moved on,

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