How to manifest FAST? Advanced technique

This is something that you do not hear of a lot, and nobody talks about. Let us enlighten you:) by the way the ADVANCED MANIFESTATION members of the club have been using this method and that is why most of them are doing so well.

Ever wondered how to manifest money fast? How to manifest luck? How to manifest a soul mate? Ever wondered how you can JUST SPEED IT ALL UP?

By working with your very own entity. Those of you who are new may think its something evil, or not real, or just black magic. It is not:) That is a misconception. You dont have to work with the evil spirits or bother deities. No. You can just create your own, give it qualities that YOU want and have it help you with what you need. How ? Let me talk about it briefly (if you want to dive deep into the topic you need to become an advanced member , you can join here

Creating your own spiritual assistant aka entity : A Magical Approach to Problem Solving

Lets jump on a mystical journey by crafting your very own elemental assistant, a powerful ally capable of fulfilling diverse tasks, creating an artificial helper typically involves the formation of a thought-form infused with heightened energy through emotions. To begin this interesting process, one must first establish the energetic backdrop of the entity, guided by personal or universally accepted associations between colors and types of energy.

Choose a color that resonates with your intention, as it will serve as the energetic foundation for your creation. For instance, apple-green proves versatile for various purposes. Once the color is selected, define the form and structure of the entity. It can take on the appearance of an animal or simply manifest as a geometric or justa  figure such as a circle, sphere, pyramid, or cloud. Engage in a creative visualization technique, focusing on the vivid illumination directly before you. For optimal results, perform the ritual in a dimly lit room. (become a member to find out how plus access the safety procedures

Communication with your elemental can take various forms, including telepathy, direct conversation or through the same creative visualization method used for its creation. Your entity is closely intertwined with your subconscious beliefs and perceptions, making it challenging for the entity to perform tasks deemed impossible by you. As with any magical endeavor, the outcome will mirror your confidence in success and the effort you invest.

According to tradition, your baby entity is often regarded as an extension of its creator's personality-you, intentionally segregated into a separate entity. In this context, an animal familiar frequently compensates for the hidden and suppressed desires of its witch or mage companion.


Exciting huh? Imagine the possibilities!!!! 

Join the club ASAP and start manifesting ANYTHING you want.

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