Love spells that work fast? Let's talk

So you want that one person to love you like crazy, or you want to get that one guy that left you for another girl come running back to you ? I get it. I have a problem with what social media says about love spells though. You go to any tik tok account that talks about witchcraft and there 1000000s of people who ask for a love spell that will work. Then you dig deeper and you realize that even CREATORS THEMSELVES HAVE BEEN PRACTICING FOR LIKE A YEAR MAX, since all of them are around 16-14 years old, dont you as an adult wanna ask yourself, how does this CHILD know of a POTENT LOVE SPELL that even experienced witches that have 50 years of experience find hard to do as love magic is THE hardest type of witchcraft there is!! So then we have millions of kids or adults that listen to those kids running around trying to do some random spell of tik tok-make it make FUCKING SENSE BRO. 


Problems with love spells :

-you are trying to FORCE another human being with their own mind, own soul (!!!) , own destiny (!!) to change it all cuz YOU want them to. This is hard by default and the process should include multiple steps over a multiple number of MONTHS ! ( to find out how and what to do, you have to join ADVANCED manifesting level here )


-you do not have experience


-you simply don't have enough energy


-notice how hexes are normally avoided by the beginners but everyone thinks they can do love magic and that it will work, surprisingly enough ...eye roll.


-if you don't complete certain steps that are clearly described inside this club (members only) you have a risk of messing up royally and the best that can happen is your ex will LOVE SOMEONE ELSE. Worst- you will hex yourself to being alone forever . 


Moral of a story, DO NOT FOLLOW TIK TOK , PINTEREST CREATORS UNLESS THEY HAVE 1000S OF REVIEWS (LIKE WE DO, go to our IG and research) , again, use your brain and think, average creator is a teenager, who does videos for likes and attention, thats why most look like its a theatre production, if you wanna risk your life by following a child's advice, you do you boo. 

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