Why should i pay for spells, rituals and manifestation techniques?

First of all this is not a dig into anybody who comes to this place but merely a question that is asked 100 times a day on tik tok and on the internet. I have an answer for that


  • Nobody owes anybody anything for free. Ask anybody to do their job or provide a service for free and see what happens. 
  • Because casting or manifesting for another person is harder then for yourself as at least when u cast for yourself you are invested into solving your own issues, i don't know how many of u care about some stranger's life problems, enough to help them as a charity AND bust your ass for them for  hours or even days sometimes, to help them live a better life without getting paid for it. 
  • If you think you don't need to pay and are good with the free info on tik tok taught and explained to you by TEENAGERS or those who make content for the likes and attention, you do you. Do you truly think that if that information had power to change someone's life, it would be shared so freely?;)))) THOSE creators make those theatrical videos because they make money from their accounts. If those spells were actually EFFECTIVE, 100000s of people would be celebrities, or jet setting babes, or CEO's of globally known businesses. 
  • Do you HONESTLY think that if someone is going to help you make money, or get your ex back, or manifest opportunities into your life- you should just use them and not pay? ARE YOU A PSYCHO? Really. Are you a psycho? Goto a business mentor and ask them 'Hello, i know you potentially can make me rich, do it please for free ' Stop treating people like clowns and appreciate and be grateful that someone has the power to make your life better. 
  • If people don’t want to pay what the practitioner asks then respect isn’t there. They don’t deserve the results or even have a chance at having a result. 
  • THERE IS NOBODY IN THE WORLD, AND READ THAT AGAIN. NOBODY who give you WORKING, EFFECTIVE spells and rituals and teach you advanced manifesting for free. 
  • For example some members in this club are ow living a jet setting life, buying Lambos and villas, you think i will give you the same info for free?:))) So you go and live the high life BECAUSE OF ME and tell me 'thank you' while i have bills to pay? Those members actually did my mentor program or been advanced manifesting members for at least 10 months. 
  • Most witches work with entities , entities need energy , the witch pays with her energy, or blood, or money. If you don't want to pay, the entity will come after you. 
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