How to protect yourself from spells backfiring?

Practitioners often encounter a phenomenon known as backfire during magical work. Backfire is a compensatory mechanism that returns to the individual the magical energy they have utilized to influence others and the surrounding reality. This can occur during various rituals. I don't want you to fear this this process as it's a normal part of any manifestation and witchcraft process and it happens to absolutely everyone but we know how to minimize its effects and protect ourselves . Backfiring represents a sudden restoration of balance following a shift in the equilibrium of specific forces, their interactions, and flows. According to the universal laws, energy cannot be created or destroyed, so by accumulating energy, one inevitably alters the balance of forces.

There are several reasons for a powerful and intense spell work backfire : if you were not adequately protected beforehand, if the target's protection is too strong and quickly replenishes, if there is an emotional connection between the operator and the target, or if the ritual itself is improperly executed. If a spell backfires it is essentially an energetic blow, its intensity not determined by the amount of energy expended but by the distortion introduced into the course of events in an individual's life.

Depending on the nature of the action and its effects, backfire can multiply significantly. It by the way does not occur if a spell fails to produce any effect. However, it is rare for a spell backfire to be influenced by the magnitude of the effect; even if the impact of your actions was minor, backlash can still manifest fully. The magnitude of 'backlash' increases with the number of targets on which you operate. For instance, casting a curse on two individuals simultaneously would result in two separate backlashes.That is why i always say, do things step by step, DON'T RUSH, don't seek instant gratification, it's all FINE! Take your time and PLAN. You know when else spells backfire? .... due to uncertainties in one's abilities, doubts about one's capabilities, disrespect towards the Forces, or pity towards the victim:) 


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