Terms and Conditions

Payments and cancellations 

When you join the club you are joining a subscriptions service that you can cancel any time . However please note once you cancel you lose access right away



Please note the club reserves the right to not refund the payment, as you are entering the website to consume written information, composed and edited and provided by the individuals that are doing this to help you for a minimal pay . Please respect the efforts and time that have been put into the club to help YOU. We refund only when we can see that the purchase was made without your consent. ( we have an app for that) 


Coaching and mentoring

Everybody who provides content for the club has qualifications in their own field . 

Medical advice 

The doctor that is available on request for the club members is a fantastic doctor but please understand that he can not diagnose you without seeing you in person he can only lead you to the right direction and you must book a physical consultation with a doctor near you. 

Our legal rights to seek action 

All of our Site content and products are proprietary and the sole property of The Bad Bitch Club . Modifications, recordings, reproductions, or duplications of any of our Site material or products are NOT allowed. You are not allowed to use any of our materials for the training of others or financial gain whatsoever.  We reserve the right to pursue legal action against anyone who violates these terms. And we will.