Photos in witchcraft: what you should know

Photographs are often used in rituals, both for others and sometimes for oneself, for convenience. When selecting a photo, it's important that the person in the picture is fully visible and their features are clear.

After many rituals, the photographs are stored in a dark place to concentrate the energy invested during the ritual. They may also be burned or buried temporarily. The choice depends on the ritual's purpose. For instance, if you were cleansing someone of negative energy, it's best to burn or bury the photo under an aspen tree. Photos are burned if the negativity wasn't too strong, like in cases of envy, fear, or minor curses, while burial is preferred for stronger curses or severe illnesses.

If you've worked to bring positive energy to someone, the photo should be hidden away in a dark place to concentrate the energy you've sent their way.

Sometimes, additional symbols or runes are drawn on the photographs. In such cases, the photo with the runes is placed by a window to constantly charge them with solar energy. However, if you've charged the runes differently during the ritual, it's best to store the photo in a dark place, such as in a sealed envelope made of black paper or basically somewhere dark where nobody can see it. You can also buy a pyramid, made of ceramics or stone like quartz, its commonly available in esoteric shops and are used to amplify energies. You can put your runes under that:)

This practice allows practitioners to harness the power of photography and symbols to enhance their magical rituals and manifest their intentions more effectively.

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