Trick them into exposing themselves : pretend to be a basic bch

Inspired by a member's story the other day ...

She is a jet setter these days, she is stunning too, she can easily afford to hire private jets, drive a luxury car and buy any Cartier watch she wishes . ( She has been a member for 3 years, and came to the BAD BITCH CLUB ( advanced witchcraft level ) , as a girl from a very small eastern european town, normal family, so no nepo child , but with massive dreams of being recognized and to become wealthy) Well, hard work and and being persistent paid off, and on year 2 of her membership she became big. I will not go into a story of her career to protect her privacy as she is well known. With the new found success, she has also realised she has a problem. Men started being intimidated by her, if they were below her status so to speak , women started being weird around her, a lot of people had an agenda . So sh started hiding who she is instead of trying to impress people with the success that not many can actually relate to. Not money wise, there are millions of people wealthier then her, but the fame part and experiences that it brought into her life ( amazing ones ) . 

Once she started hiding it all when she met new people, girls and guys , both. This is what she told me.


  • When you hide who you are, ( if you are already successful ) watch how people act in front of you. 
  • Some may be arrogant and start showing off trying to impress you with how much money they make, or their power, ( usually fake) 
  • Some may start looking down on you thinking you are a loser or a peasant 
  • Some girls or guys may start showing off by sharing with you who they dated , which is pathetic cuz if you are already successful like the girl this story is based on, you have most likely dated people of even a higher social status and these things don't impress you.
  • Some people may become rude if they think you are some basic bitch


Because this shows their true character, and if they already know you are all that, they will walk in line and you will never know that all they are , are 90 percent out of 100 , wannabe peasant losers with grand views of themselves , and trying to seem bigger then they are. You will also never know if they are your friends or partners because they love you for you, or you are just a trophy to them . And if you... once you face difficulties in your career or public image, they will not be there for you, they will leave you . Instantly. And you will be there crying your heart out cuz you will realize , you were never loved. You were used. 

Now that you are aware, keep reaching for the moon :) 




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