Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Rituals

Ever wondered why spells work like a charm on some occasions and fail miserably on others, regardless of your efforts? Why does the same ritual yield different results, excelling one day and flopping the next? Let's explore the factors behind this phenomenon.

  1. Lunar Phase and Timing of the Ritual
  2. Appropriately Selected Materials
  3. Your Emotional State
  4. The Will of Those You Seek Assistance From
  5. Your Experience and Level
  6. Self-Belief and Confidence in the Effectiveness of the Spell
  7. Clearly Defined Goal
  8. Well-Chosen Spell
  9. Observing Magical Silence

Lunar Phase and Timing of the Ritual

Choosing the right lunar phase is crucial. Some spells work best during the waxing moon, while others are more effective during the waning phase. Certain rituals may be optimized for specific days of the year, and many are ideally performed on the night of the full moon. Pay close attention to timing!

New Moon: Generally considered a weak day for most rituals. However, rituals focused on banishing or repelling unwanted energies tend to be effective in the days leading up to the new moon.

Waxing Moon: This phase is conducive to rituals aimed at growth, prosperity, luck attraction, job searches, health improvements, and love spells.

Full Moon: The full moon offers a wide range of possibilities for rituals and is considered a potent time for magic. Working directly on the full moon day or night is often most effective. Additionally, the effects are believed to extend three days before and three days after the full moon, totaling a seven-day period.

Waning Moon: Ideal for rituals targeting destruction, elimination of unwanted elements, dispelling misfortunes, pain relief, overcoming obstacles, reducing weight, and countering other spells.

Appropriately Selected Materials

Every ritual requires specific items and materials. While some substitutions may be acceptable, omitting essential components is not. These may include colored candles, oils, herbs, crystals, incenses, and ritual tools (such as knives). All materials must align with the type of spell you intend to cast. For instance, green candles are traditionally used in money rituals, red for love spells, and orange for weight loss. Oils, herbs, and stones possess corresponding properties, and using them out of context is not advisable. However, those of you enrolled in the advanced tier or even in the beginner level, you know that sometimes we can even do spells well without any attributes... :)